Cheese and Chilli Fest – Guildford

Cheese and Chilli Fest – Guildford

Reflecting on the Guildford Cheese and Chilli Festival today with mixed feelings. 

Sales were down, though the crowds were up.

All set up for the Cheese and Chilli Fest Guildford

Saturday was the killer. The Pepper Jar pitch wasn’t well situated at all. We were on the outer perimeter of a bend which naturally took visitors away from our stall. This was made worse because punters also had the chance to take a short cut to the entertainment area before they even reached us, which meant they had no reason to walk anywhere near our stall.

So saturday was a hard sell, I felt a bit like one of those reps in Benidorm trying to coax punters into their bar from the streets with the promise of 4 free shots!! 

Stall all set up and waiting

However… credit to the organisers who listened to our concerns and addressed them effectively for Sunday.

Thanks to a makeshift fence and a strategically placed giant inflatable Cheese and we were driving the crowds nearer to our stall once more.

Other positives included watching the UK Chilli Queen extend her unbeaten run to 63 not out, against USA’s finest, Johnny Scoville.

And I was delighted to have my wife with me all weekend too, for company and some pretty neat sales and marketing ideas.

No medals this time, but there were way more top quality rivals and I’m just thankful to have been stood amongst them.

The small matter of The Game Fair comes next, then on to Cheltenham….

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