What is it you’re looking for – I’ve got something to suit all tastes right here in my shop, and while we’re still clinging on to summer why not check out my award-winning Smokin’ BBQ Chilli sauce.
Condiment Review on Instagram say:
‘…Pepper Jar have created something light years ahead of anything on the supermarket shelves…’
while The Sauce Review said:
‘…this sauce is in a league of its own, we wouldnt change anything – 9/10…’

My Scorched Onion is another huge success on the BBQ scene, as it lends itself superbly to accompany hotdogs and burgers.

Give them both a try before that summer sun disappears.

COVID-19 is in full swing, and we’re all struggling to get supplies. Small business is suffering more than ever, and your continued support is much needed. Chilli is great for our immune systems, so what better excuse to try my NEW sauces and improved favourites.

For your summer salads (and fried chicken) try adding a spoonful of my Award-Wining Garlic Sauce to a dollop of mayonnaise. It’s brilliant!

We’re a small independent kitchen specialising in creating delicious sauces, which introduce a mouth-watering artisan alternative into the chilli sauce market place. In 2019 we took the Cheese & Chilli Festivals by storm, winning taste awards in 5 out of the 7 events!

At Pepper Jar Creations we focus on producing sublime flavours first, and only then do we introduce subtle levels of spicy chilli heat to perfectly compliment each sauce.

Pepper Jar Creations take immense pride in the sauces we offer, our products are tested by experts, created by enthusiasts, enjoyed by everyone!

We’re always thinking of creating new flavours to introduce, so for updates please take a look around our website, catch us at events around the UK and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we do!