About Me

Jamie Ringrose

Hi, I’m Jamie A. Ringrose (which is where the JAR comes from in my brand name), just a normal bloke with a passion for home cooking and hot sauce.
Born many years ago in Luton, now living with my family in Northants. I’m lucky to have travelled the world in my ‘other’ job working with F1, MotoGP and some of the biggest Boat Shows in the world. My travels also opened my eyes to the fantastic array of food and the diversity of spices – especially chilli.

I started Pepper Jar Creations in late 2018, following a cooking experience with Chilli Olly. I then started working with the flavours I liked, and within a few months I’d launched a range of 3 products including a Sweet chilli sauce, a Garlic flavoured sauce and hot Salsa.

My standard range now also includes a BBQ, a seasonal christmas sauce and a hot onion sauce. I’m always looking at new ideas and trying new flavours, and i love to sample the sauces of other small independent makers at festivals and markets.

In 2019 I started trading at my local Farmers markets, and I traded at all 7 of the Cheese & Chilli Festivals, picking up award at 6 out of the 7 events, including a 1st place for my Garlic Sauce which was amazing!

My sauces are not the hottest things you’ll find, instead they are delicate and delicious, packed full of flavour and all underpinned with chilli.

Please visit my shop page and give them a try for yourself.