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Pepper Jar Creations is delighted to be the EXCLUSIVE third-party vendor of Reaper’s Relish, an amazing cocktail of Super-Hot chillies and spices from master-craftsmen, Chilli Olly and Chilli Pepper Perrett.

There’s a full 17% of the World’s hottest chilli pepper – the Carolina Reaper – and if that’s not enough, they’ve blended in 9% Scotch Bonnet and a mix of their own spices, sugars, juices and vinegars to give a real flavour to the otherwise blow-your-face-off relish.

Reaper’s Relish was created for the 2021 season of awesome Cheese & Chilli Festivals, held at Swindon, Guildford and Winchester this summer. Its’ creators – and hosts of the ‘person vs food’ challenge – invited up to 5 members of the audience to tackle a jar of this gut-blistering relish to the delight of the baying crowd and for kudos amongst all who tried, and those who dare not.

Pepper Jar Creations can offer you a jar of this 2021 LIMITED EDITION relish to try at home (or get your friends to try) for just £10 while stocks last.

Click here to place your order now. Get it while it’s hot!!

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