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Re-light your Fire

Fillet Steak with Garlic Sauce

New year, new fad diet. Let’s see how long this one lasts!
The important thing is, if you’re reading this you clearly survived 2021 and all it threw at us. Well done you.

My year was actually pretty good, on reflection…
SCORCHED ONION picked up a 2-star Great Taste Award for me in summer, which is amazing. Do you know, less than 10% of the 14,000 entrants achieve that accolade each year. Click here to give it try.

Festivals came back, and I was delighted to meet customers and chilli lovers old & new at the Cheese & Chilli Festivals in 2021. Look out for the new festival dates for 2022 – these events are a superb spectacle for all the family! GARLIC SAUCE was once again a big seller on the festival circuit – once you taste it, you just have to buy it.

Mushroom in sour cream & Garlic Sauce

HOT ROX also did really well, its sweet flavour laced with cardamom & Scotch Bonnets was a real crowd pleaser, and has continued to sell well online and at my local markets too. Try Hot Rox here.
To share centre stage with Hot Rox, and in keeping with the musical theme, I launched SAUCE FOR THE SOUL.
This fiery Carolina Reaper sauce packs the biggest punch in my armoury. Underpinned with Naga and Scotch Bonnet too, it is a powerful but flavoursome sauce, which you’d use as a general table sauce on your kebabs, salads, BBQ’s etc.
This flew off the shelves in December as hard-core chilli heads, bloggers and reviewers all queued up to give it a try. Now fully stocked, you can judge for yourself just how hot it is, and how good it tastes. Buy it here for just a fiver.

With Christmas over, i have slashed the price of the seasonal favourite WINTER SAUCE. Pick it up here for only £3.99
Be quick – once the last jar has gone, i wont be making it again until October/November.

Lastly, i wanted to thank you for your support over the last year or so, its been tough for all of us small independent businesses, and every penny you choose to spend with Pepper Jar really does make a difference.
So I wish you the best of luck with your new diet, just don’t forget the sauce!
Have a great New Year, and be sure follow @pepper.jar on Instagram & Facebook for the latest updates.

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Happy Hallowe’en

Zoinks! Scoob – check this out! Pepper Jar is giving 25% OFF his superb sauces right up ’til HALLOWEEN.

Which ones will you buy..?
Original Hot will keep you warm as the chills set in. Spooky Scorched Onion is for those having Halloween hot dogs. My best-selling Garlic Sauce will keep the vampires away, or why not try the Award-Winning Smokin’ BBQ Sauce on a meaty rack of ribs or smothered over pulled pork!
Of course all my other flavours will be good too, you decide.

Visit the shop (click here) and use voucher code ‘treat25’

*25% OFF applies to orders over £10 (2 jars) only, while stocks last and closes midnight on 31st October 2020.

Look at what you could do…

Your saucy Hallowe’en is just a click away. Click this link to go straight to the sauce shop. And remember…. ‘treat25’ gets you 25% off.

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Smokin’ BBQ picks up Great Taste Award

I’m hugely proud to announce that my Smokin BBQ Sauce has collected a major honour awarded by the Guild Of Fine Food. This latest recognition is added to the merits it achieved from the Cheese And Chilli Festivals in 2019.
I only entered this one product into the Great Taste Awards following such good feedback from foodies and reviewers throughout this year. There were over 12,000 entrants and the judging process is notoriously meticulous, so it is with immense pride that I received the notification this week that my sauce was a winner.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can pick it up here, and please do let me know what you think.

Its uses are a limited as your imagination – I dip chips and raw veg into it, smother it on burgers, coat it over cooked ribs, and recently made an awesome chilli-dog in puff pastry with a Smokin BBQ coating.

Big congrats to all the other Great Taste Winners, I’m delighted to be part of that club.

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Cheese & Jalapeno Quick Bread

This super-easy, no-yeast bread is delicious. Serve with a thick chunk of your favourite cheese and good dollop of my Scorched Onion Sauce. A great addition to your ploughman’s lunch, soups or just tear it apart and share for snacking.

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 45 mins


NOTE: the chillies are optional – you can even include bacon bits or chopped fried shallots too!

375g plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 TBS baking powder
2 TBS sugar
115g cream cheese, room temp.
250g grated mature cheddar
2 jalapenos, chopped
1 egg
350ml whole milk
1 TBS melted butter


  1. pre-heat oven (180C) and grease a loaf pan
  2. mix flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, mix cream cheese, grated cheddar and jalapenos until combined. (add bacon etc if using)
  4. add flour mixture to cheese mixture, add the egg, milk & melted butter. Mix until just combined.
  5. transfer to loaf/baking tin and bake for circa 45-50 mins.
  6. slide a knife around the sides and set on wire rack for 10 mins before serving.
  7. enjoy with friends and don’t forget the Scorched Onion sauce!


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Spicy Fried Chicken with quick Garlic Mayo

I’m a big fan of fried chicken, and this recipe is one of my favourites. The garlic mayo works nicely to cool down the spicy chicken.


for the chicken prep:
3 large Chicken Breasts – I cut mine into strips but if you’re cooking whole breast then cover with clingfilm and flatten to about 8mm thick.
280ml buttermilk
1 tsp of garlic salt
1 tsp cayenne chilli powder
1 tsp salt & pepper

for the coating:
200g plain flour
pinch salt and pepper
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp mustard powder
2 tsp smoked paprika
3 tsp Cayenne or hot chilli powder

for the garlic mayo:
4 heaped tbs of light mayonnaise
1 tsp of Pepper Jar’s Garlic Sauce


Mix the buttermilk, 1 tsp garlic salt, salt/pepper & 1 tsp cayenne in a large bowl. Submerge the chicken, cover and chill in the fridge for 2 – 4 hrs.

In another large bowl or large tray, thoroughly combine all dry ingredients for the coating.
Remove chicken from buttermilk and let excess drip off. Cover both sides of chicken in flour mixture, and set aside.

Heat a pan of vegetable oil, or deep fat fryer to 175 degrees. Carefully place chicken in the oil, trying not to overcrowd – cook in batches if necessary. Fry for 5 – 6 mins until coating is golden and chicken is cooked through.

For the garlic mayonnaise: Combine the mayonnaise and Pepper Jar Garlic Sauce in a small bowl.

To Serve:

Serve the fried chicken either naked with a salad and garlic mayo on the side, or assemble into a bun of your choice with fresh salad, skinny fries….and remember to smother with the garlic mayo.

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Chilli Fudge Recipe

This has the ‘Marmite’ effect, you’ll either love it – or not, but either way it’ll play havoc with your taste buds.

I’d been wanting to try making chilli fudge for a while, and just happened to stumble across a super-quick method of ‘sensible’ fudge this week on tik-tok, and so I added my chilli twist to it. (insert evil laugh)

The end result plays with your mind. You get a super sweet, fudgy, caramelly, melty treat, which dissolves away to leave a little burning poo on your tongue. It’ll only take you about 10 mins to make once you’ve gathered your ingreds, and if you drop the chilli, its a good one to make with the kids.

1 tin condensed milk
120g unsalted butter
250g light brown sugar
270g white chocolate
1/4tsp salt
25g scotch bonnet (+/- to suit your taste), blitzed in a blender
1/2 tsp of vanilla essence

On a low heat, stir the condensed milk, butter and sugar until melted.
Turn heat up to med/high and continue stirring until it bubbles and thickens. Take care not to burn it.
Turn the heat off, add white chocolate, salt, vanilla and chilli and stir until thoroughly combined and smooth.
Pour into a lined 8×8 tin and chill in the fridge for minimum of 4 hrs.
It should yield about a 700g slab of fudge.
Cut into cubes and enjoy… or offer to playground bullies*

*actually, don’t.

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New Product Launch

Get Your Rox Off

Like new vinyl from your favourite rock band, it’s been a long wait. But Pepper Jar is so proud of its latest hot sauce.

Presenting… HOT ROX.

HOT ROX is a no nonsense Scotch Bonnet sauce. And it is hot.
Taste-wise, it’s different from the other sauces in the PJ range, because of its simplicity – and its heat level.
Visually, its different because HOT ROX is the first sauce from Pepper Jar that breaks the ‘jar’ model, instead being presented in a 150ml bottle. But make no mistake, the flavour profile is very Pepper Jar.

The kick-ass heat is the headliner, while the balance of spices, herbs, sugars and seasoning are the ultimate support act.
You’ll use HOT ROX on everything, every day. It’s a must-have cupboard condiment that you’ll slap on salads, sandwiches, kebabs, fried chicken, chips, BBQ’s…. you name it, HOT ROX is all over it.

”While my Original Hot Sauce delivers a punch from the Bhut Jolokia – and has a huge fan base of it’s own – I wanted to produce something powerful using my favourite pepper of them all – the Scotch Bonnet. HOT ROX does just that, and the screaming burn is brilliantly supported by superb flavours”

Give HOT ROX a try, its available here right NOW!! Be among the front row and grab yourself a bottle from the very first batch.

Buy HOT ROX here now.

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Winter Sale!

Great news! You can now grab my WINTER SAUCE at a bargain price of just £3.50.

Did you get to try it this Winter? How did you use it?
I had it with savoury pastries, on cheese toasties, smothered over a bacon sandwich and glazing my gammon.

It’s a really versatile condiment. I know some customers used it on cheese boards, others on puddings.

So wether you want to try it for the first time, or you’re an existing customer who just needs a top-up, NOW is the time to buy it.

Order yours here while stocks last.

Cheesy puff pastry twists with Winter Sauce
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Vanilla Cheesecake

Simple, deliciously creamy and a family favourite in my house. No cooking required! Great to make with the kids.

ingredients for the base:

250g digestive biscuits

100g melted butter

ingredients for cheesecake:

600g full fat cream cheese

120g icing sugar

284ml pot of double cream

1 tsp Madagascan vanilla essence


place biscuits in a bag and crush with rolling pin. Place biscuit crumbs into a bowl and combine with the melted butter.

Press this mixture into a circular cake tin lined with grease proof paper. Chill in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours.

Place the cream cheese and icing sugar into a bowl and mix thoroughly until smooth. Add the double cream and vanilla, mixing until fully combined.

Spoon this cream mixture evenly onto the chilled biscuit base and return to the fridge to set – at least 4 hours but preferably overnight.

sprinkle with icing sugar to serve.

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Get a Free Gift from Pepper Jar Creations this Christmas!

As a ‘thank you’ for all your support this year, there will be a little gift inside every order placed before 1st January 2021.

What will yours be: A gift voucher? A FREE product? Who knows…

*Offer starts 3/12/20 and ends midnight on 31/12/20

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Crispy Hot Wings

Crispy and spicy outside with perfectly soft meat

The trick for these is to get the wings as dry as possible before cooking. I salted these to extract the moisture, put them on absorbent paper in the fridge for a few hours, patted dry then repeated, replacing with clean absorbent paper. Pat dry, then coat in the dry rub of your choice (my recipe is below) and put back in the fridge overnight, in a bowl covered with clingfilm. The next tip is to use a very hot oven. Pre heat to 220 degrees. Use a flat baking tray lined with foil, and place a wire rack on top. Sit the wings on the rack. Bake for 25 mins in the top half of the oven, then turn wings over and bake for another 20 mins.

While the wings are cooking, I crisped up some finely chopped chorizo (about a minute in the microwave), melted some butter and added it to a large bowl with my ORIGINAL HOT SAUCE & the chorizo. Take the cooked wings out of the oven and toss in this butter mix before serving. Garnish with chopped chive, chilli flakes, sesame seed and fresh parsley.

For the dry rub, I used:

smoked paprika, salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, cumin & mustard.


note: These would be just as nice with a cool garlic mayo dip. (Add a teaspoon of my GARLIC SAUCE to 4 tsp of light mayo).

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Who’s Missing Chilli Festivals?

Are you missing the buzz of a Chilli festival this year? The people, the music, the challenges, the amazing sauces? Me too.

So here’s what I’m gonna do. To help you get your flavour fix, I’m giving you 25% OFF when you buy 2 or more sauces online this month.

All you need to do is pick which sauces you want (have you tried my new Scorched Onion or Original Hot yet?) and enter code ‘festival‘ at the checkout.

Be sure to follow me up on Instagram and Facebook, I’d love to see what you do with my sauces. Tag me in and tell your friends too.

Stay safe, enjoy the summer, even without chilli festivals, and thank you for #supportingsmallbusiness